If you’re a mother and a working woman, you know how much time you spend planning, scheduling, and juggling burdens. It makes even the most ordinary weeks more challenging when things go wrong. To spend more quality time with your loved ones, here are ten life hacks to help you make the most of your free time.

1 – Teach Your Children To Clean Up As They Play

Your life will be simpler if you teach your children to clean up while playing, eating, and engaging in other activities. Despite hiring a cleaning service, having your children clean up after themselves make everyday living more efficient and teaches excellent habits. 

2 –Before You Go To Sleep, Pick Your Clothes

Make it a habit for your children to choose their attire for the next day, the night before. This can save time in the morning by reducing the time spent trying to “find” shoes and other stuff. Many working parents simplify the process even further by “standardizing” their children’s wardrobes with their favorite looks in various colors and patterns that can be thrown together quickly and effortlessly.

3 – Master The Art Of Effective Delegation

You’ll have to learn to swiftly and effectively delegate household and childcare responsibilities to others if you get help. Ensure you have supplied all the essential schedules and information to make this strategy work by hiring relatives, neighbors, teenagers, or retirees to help collect children and transport them to school.

4 – Say “No” Clearly And Firmly

If you’d like to manage better your involvement in family gatherings, school activities, and other groups where your time and energy may be stretched in unexpected ways, mastering the art of saying “no” can help.

5 – Create a Family Calendar Board

Even if you keep track of all of your business and personal obligations on an app on your phone, your family can benefit from a shared calendar that shows where everyone is supposed to be throughout the week. The board will assist you and your family keep track of where and when you need to go.

6 – Exercise Caution When Accessing Information on the Internet

Using the internet to purchase and communicate is convenient, but it may also lead to you wasting valuable time on online searches, newsletters, and community forums. Put a time limit on how much time you spend on the internet, get your work done, and then take a break to reconnect with friends and family.

7  – Take Advantage of the Selection at Your Local Grocery Store

You may pick up your online order on your way home from work or have it delivered to your house using many retailers’ online ordering services. Rotisserie chicken, salads, potatoes, and other ready-to-eat dishes are available at most supermarkets, allowing you to skip the cooking altogether. Make use of an on-demand water filtration system to avoid stocking up on enormous trays of bottled water at home.

8 – Make Time to Talk to Your Wife Regularly

Marriage might become more like a business than a union of two people in love because of the demands of a hectic family schedule. Connect with your spouse or partner to say hello, remind them how much you appreciate them, and share a joke or personal story with them. These one-on-one interactions might assist in deepening your relationship.

9 – Make Time for Yourself

A small bit of self-care may have a tremendous impact on how well you feel and how productive you are during the week. It might be as simple as a hot bath and a glass of wine, or it can be as extravagant as a facial and massage at a neighborhood spa. After a long week, taking a hot shower with a BodyRestore shower steamer might help you unwind. Maybe, you prefer a night out with some of your favorite people. Whatever exercise lifts your spirits and increases your output should be a regular component of your weekly routine.

10 – Sleep Well

A good night’s sleep is the most critical thing you can do to keep yourself healthy and productive during the day. Make an effort to obtain the amount of sleep you need as soon as possible, even if it’s hard to get a complete 8 hours each night. You’ll be less bothered by little irritations when you’re well-rested and in good health.

Working parents are well aware that even with meticulous preparation, life may still be chaotic and unorganized. But if you follow these 10 recommendations, you’ll be able to lessen the interruption in your life.